Neta Saff

Saffron Packaging

CLIENT: JBP Co.     SERVICES:  Packaging 

Netasaff is one of the most successful companies in the production, packaging and export of saffron. In the past, Iranians used saffron as an organic and natural color in their art, calligraphies, painting, and sometimes for embroidery, and had a high sincerity for it’s color value.

Our initial idea was based on the mentioned issue and was painted by watercolor. In order to maintain the quality of saffron and having a beautiful packaging, a simple glass container was chosen and a wooden dome was designed and produced with the help of a woodturning. The name of these packages is Trisa (Tripple) that is because when different sides of the pack is puted together, a sentence is displayed. Moreover, as the amount of serving saffron is very low, and usually saffron packagings are so small, I decided to use this trick ( tripple packaging ) to appropriate bigger space in the shelves for better  looking.

Tasnim Pharma Company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Abbas Movahednia from private sector. Today, Tasnim is one of the fastest growing privately-owned life sciences companies in Iran. Tasnim Pharma is nicely positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities that the Iranian healthcare industry offers! Here you can see how we get involved by this brand and what staff we had designed for them.
There it is:

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Sina, I am the owner of Zaran Saffron LLC. I am very impressed with you packaging design and would love to discuss a partnership with your design firm. Please contact me.

  2. Hi
    We are planning to order the same for our saffron, could you please send me us more information about the paking and the price.

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