Ransa Queen

Saffron threads come from the beautiful Crocus Sativus, flowering in early fall in an assumptive belt bound by the Mediterranean to the west and the rugged region encompassing Iran and Kashmir to the east. Red stigmas of this unique flower will become the commercial saffron used world-wide if they are cured properly.
The fertile high plains of Khorasan in Iran are the source of the finest quality and the tiny crocus flowers are grown in this area. Each flower produces three delicate, aromatic, red stigmas known as saffron. Several thousand of flowers are required to produce one 1 kilogram of saffron. During the harvest time, each flower is carefully hand-picked and each stigma thread is peeled, toasted and packed to assure you of the highest quality saffron product. Because of the rare nature of this spice and the careful hand-picking required saffron has long been considered the world’s most highly valued spice.

SERVICES: Branding, Packaging 

Designed based on golden ratio

Consider the Golden Ratio a useful guideline for determining dimensions of layout. One very simple way to apply the Golden Ratio is to set your dimensions to 1:1.618. For example, take your typical 960-pixel width layout and divide it by 1.618. You’ll get 594, which will be the height of the layout.

In designing of a brochure of thier saffron products I decided to illustrate an outlined image based on the logo and the culture of the region where saffron grows.

Ransa Queen

Saffron Packaging Design

The Ransa Queen saffron packaging designed basically for trading to other countries. The initial design concept was “how to use of saffron”, especially for many countries that saffron is an unfamiliar product. 


We used a luxury pull out box to emphesize on the valuablity of saffron. Moreover, we used small cylanrical jars that is protected by a cutted peace of foam.

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