Tasnim Pharmaceutical Co.

Tasnim Pharma Company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Abbas Movahednia from private sector. Today, Tasnim is one of the fastest growing privately-owned life sciences companies in Iran. Tasnim Pharma is nicely positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities that the Iranian healthcare industry offers.

In redesigning of Tasnim’s logo, we tried  to harmonize the logo with the hightech and advanced activities of this company. Moreover, they wanted to keep the form of logo and just turn it into a modern and hightech logo. In redesigning the logo I decided to reduce it’s elements to three part, that the two outer forms protect the middle one. 

CLIENT: Tasnim Pharmaceutical Co.
SERVICES: Branding, Environmental Graphic Design, Web Design, Packaging 

Here is their previous logo that is redesigned :

The process of

Logo redesign

[Their previous logo] Tasnim is the name of a river in paradise.

Logo stilization

Final Logo

In the redesign of the visual and written symbol of the Tsensim Pharmaceutical Company, a fundamental principle was considered, and that synchronization of this visual symbol with the activities of the complex was as much as possible. Taking into account the fact that Tesenim Pharmaceutical Company is operating with the most modern medical equipment and best quality control methods among its associates, the attempt was made to rebuild the old mark with a new and modern statement.
The circle’s shape with its immutable dynamism and movement, symbolized by the immortal cycle of life, was maintained in the process of rebuilding the sign. And by reducing the extra sections of the former sign and reducing it to three main parts, the emphasis was on the movement and rotation of this form.The two primary and end-of-fluid forms of the hug that embraces the two mid-wing high-power wings clearly demonstrate the protection and support

 that suit the company’s core function, that is to say, protect and protect the health of the audience. In the technical implementation of the sign, the attempt was made to distance not only from the flat, but also the one-dimensional old sign, and the three-dimensional sign of the present, not only added more dynamism to it, but the new, modern and merit-fitting clothing embellished only the image of the image, And better and more lasting in the minds of the audience.
In selecting the main colors of the sign, two colors of violet and blue turquoise were used as base colors. The violet color with its internal power and its conductive energy, and the blue color of the turquoise with the creation of a sense of healing and health, both represent physical strength and the internal healing power of the company.

Corporate Identity

Tasnim Pharmaceutical Co.

Office & Factory

Environmental Graphic Design

In designing of Tasnim’s factory EGD,  firstly it was considered to have a dynamic and energetic enviroment for the staff and secondly it was considered to separate the sections for visitors. Moreover, we designed a wayfinding system to help visitorsand staff. 


Website Design

The Tasnim’s website designed based on it’s corporate identity and colors. Their website was not a seller or online shopper website, Indeed, It was a vitrine website.So I made a scenario for audiences  who visit their websit.

Here you can visit Tasnim’s website:


Generic & Supplement's Packaging

Generic drugs are medicines that prescribed only by doctors and due to Ministry of Health’s laws, the indication of these medicines should not be clearly marked on the packagings. So I designed an uniform for these packagings that on one side of the pack, the name and features of the drug was placed and in front of it an stylized multiplyed form placed that shows the idication of the medicine. Indeed I used geometrical and simple forms to stylize the body’s part that the medicine affect on it.

In the designing of supplements packaging, it is allowed Ministry of Health to mark the indication of the supplemets on their packagings. Therefore, suited to every supplement, an image that shows the indication of it, is placed on package. Moreover, to lasting the name of the product in audiences mind, I placed the first letter of the product’s name on the packaging, and the indication of the supplement was shown through a bound on the letter.

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